20+ Adobe XD Mockups (Devices, Screens & More)

So, you’ve spent days working on a design project and now it’s time to present it to the client. But you’re not sure if you have the right mockup to showcase your design.
As designers, we’ve all been in this situation. Finding great mockups for each project can be a difficult process. Plus they can be quite expensive too. Today, we’re going to change that.

In this collection, we are featuring some of the best mockups you can use in Adobe XD. You can download all of these mockups for a single price by subscribing to Envato Elements. It will help you save a lot of money. Also, Adobe XD is free to use so you won’t have to buy an Adobe subscription to edit and use these mockups. It’s a win-win situation.

Let’s dive in and check out the mockup collection.

iPad Pro Adobe XD Mockup

If you’ve been looking for the perfect iPad mockup, you’ve found it. This is a bundle of Adobe XD mockups featuring the iPad Pro. It includes 3 different styles of mockups with different poses of the device. It is showing a slightly older version of the iPad Pro but it looks so good that it’s hardly noticeable.

With this Adobe XD mockup kit, you can show off your designs with the latest iPhone. Dynamic Island is all the craze these days with the new iPhone 14. These mockups have 6 variations of the Dynamic Island that you can mix and match to create cool mockups of your own. It’s a fully customizable mockup template.

MacBook Pro Adobe XD Mockup

This MacBook Pro mockup has been designed with attention to detail. It features a high-resolution device mockup with a realistic-looking design. You can use it to showcase closeups and front views of websites, apps, and graphic designs. Since the device is made in vector format, you can easily resize it however you like.

Apple Pro Display XDR Adobe XD Mockup

The new Apple Pro Display is a favorite among designers. This mockup template features a customizable version of the same display with a highly detailed layout. You can easily change the colors of this device and you can change the backgrounds too. This mockup is also crafted in vector format.

Chrome Browser Adobe XD Website Mockup

This is a must-have mockup template for your website and web app design presentations. It’s a customizable mockup of the Google Chrome browser. The mockup comes in both Windows and Mac versions as well as a fully scalable layout. The mockup template comes in multiple file formats, including Adobe XD, Sketch, and Figma.

Free 70+ Adobe XDApp Mockups

A massive collection of app screen mockups that you can download for free. This pack includes more than 70 different app mockups to use in Adobe XD. You can use them to showcase all kinds of app designs, UIs, and projects.

Free iPhone 14 Pro Adobe XD Mockup

Another free Adobe XD mockup template. This one features the new iPhone 14 Pro device. It’s easily customizable and you can change the background as well. It’s especially great for showcasing mobile app screens.

Minimal iPad Pro Mockups for Adobe XD

If you can’t get enough iPad Pro mockups, be sure to add this one to the collection. It features a clean and minimal iPad Pro mockup featuring a customizable design. You can easily change the color of the device, resize it, zoom in, create cool close-up views, and much more with this Adobe XD mockup. It comes in Figma and Sketch formats too.

iMac Pro Adobe XD Mockups

This Adobe XD mockup template features a realistic-looking iMac Pro device. The template has a vector design that is scalable and customizable to your preference. It’s ideal for presenting website designs, app screens, graphic designs, social media designs, and more. The template is available in 2 different colors.

iWatch Adobe XD Mockups

This is a complete mockup kit for the Apple iWatch. It features the iWatch in 8 different color variations as well as 2 styles of the device. It’s also easily customizable. You can change the device and strap colors however you like. The mockup template comes in Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch formats.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Adobe XD Mockup

If you’re working on an app UI or design related to the Android platform, this mockup template will come in handy. It features a minimal Samsun Galaxy S21 device with an easily editable design. The template has organized layers and a vector design that you can edit with just a few clicks.

Safari Browser Adobe XD Mockup

Want to show off your website designs in a Safari browser? Then grab this mockup template. It includes a high-resolution mockup of the Apple Safari browser in both light and dark color themes. You can also edit and scale it to however size you want. The template comes in Adobe XD, Photoshop, Sketch, and many other formats.

Free iPhone X and XS Mockups for Adobe XD

This is a free Adobe XD mockup template that features a minimalist iPhone device. It includes the iPhone X and XD devices with a clean and minimal layout. You can customize it to change the background too.

Free Mackbook Pro Adobe XD Mockup

You can download this MacBook Pro mockup for free. It features a frontal view of the device that will allow you to clearly showcase your websites, apps, and graphic designs in an elegant way.

Modern iPhone Mockups for Adobe XD

This mockup template kit has some of the coolest-looking iPhone mockups. Even though these mockups are for the slightly older iPhone XR, they are ideal for presenting your app and graphic designs in any presentation. There are 7 color variations of the mockup with easily editable drag-and-drop features.

Frrames - Adobe XD Browser Mockups

No need to go look for another browser mockup ever again. This Adobe XD mockup kit has all types of browser designs for all platforms. It has Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox browser mockups with Windows and Mac platform designs. There are browser designs for iOS and Android mobile platforms too.

MacBook Air Mockup for Adobe XD

You can use this MacBook Air mockup to show off your website designs in style. It includes the popular Apple device in 3 official colors. You can also change the colors to anything you want and resize it as well. The mockup is fully scalable.

iMac Line Mockup for Adobe XD

This is a unique line-style mockup of the iMac. It’s ideal for showcasing minimal designs, especially sketches and wireframe versions of your design. The template is customizable and it even comes in multiple color variations.

Free Google Chrome Adobe XD Mockup

Download this Adobe XD mockup for free to show off your website designs using a Google Chrome frame. It features a very realistic-looking Google Chrome browser mockup with an easily editable design. It comes in light and dark versions too.

Free One Plus 6 Adobe XD Mockup

This is a free Adobe XD mockup for the One Plus 6 device. It’s ideal for showcasing your Android platform designs and UI screens. The template is available in multiple file formats, including Sketch and Photoshop.

Art & Branding Scene Generator for Adobe XD

Taking a break from all the device and gadget mockups, we wanted to include this wonderful resource for you. It’s a massive bundle full of isolated items that you can use to create your own unique mockup scenes. There are more than 380 different items in this pack. They are all available as isolated objects and in PNG format.

Creation - Brand Identity Adobe XD Mockups

This is a complete brand identity mockup kit for Adobe XD. Use it to showcase your branding designs to your clients. There are many isolated mockup templates in this pack, including letterheads, envelopes, business cards, and much more. You can use them together or individually as well.

Cornered Angles - Branding Identity Adobe XD Mockup

Another branding identity mockup kit for Adobe XD. This mockup kit is perfect for showcasing corporate brands as it comes with a bold and minimalist design. There are many different mockups in this bundle and they are available in multiple file formats.

Branding Lines - Stationery Mockups for Adobe XD

This Adobe XD mockup kit has everything you need to showcase all kinds of stationery designs. There are letterheads, CD covers, envelopes, and more. Each mockup is isolated and comes in Adobe XD, Photoshop, Figma, and Sketch formats.

If you’re new to Adobe XD, we have a curated list of Adobe XD tutorials that you should check out. It will help you understand this software a little better. We also have a cool collection of Adobe XD UI Kits and lots of other Adobe XD website template kits.

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