15 best websites every designer should visit in 2021

In need of some direction for your next web design project? No worries, we have you covered. We compiled a list of 15 websites that are a feast for the eyes and can inspire your next web [re]design project in 2021.

Get inspired by some of the best designed websites

Here’s a roundup of some of the best designed Webflow websites:

1. SVZ Design

screenshot of SVZ Design's homepage

SVZ Design seamlessly aligns its agency’s process and brand through simplistically animated motifs, transitions, and visuals. This pleases the user’s eye and exhibits the brand’s design expertise.

SVZ Design’s process page alone visually asserts their skill in both UX and product design. It beautifully demonstrates and validates their claim of carefully crafting meaningful experiences.

If you’re a web design agency or freelancer in need of inspiration or direction for your own website, look no further. Oh, and they proudly rep Webflow!

2. Loftgarten

screenshot of loftgarten's homepage

The web design team behind Loftgarten has perfectly demonstrated the capacity of web design and their team’s abilities, and they’ve captured their client’s brand identity in an enrapturing way.

This website is stunning — it’s editorial meets French New Wave cinema meets New York Fashion Week meets Orange County.

The astute choice of typography and the flirtatious yet tasteful play with space, copy, transitions, and visuals are delightful. Loftgarten captivates its audience while giving credence to Paul Milinski’s profound and uncanny design expertise. Bravo!

3. VOUS Church

screenshot of vous church's homepage

VOUS Church has by far the best website you will find from a church. The web design clearly communicates the church’s mission and goals, and their website packs a punch. It almost feels like a social media platform for its audience.

With subtle choices in layout, content, and copy, as well as a hearty media and blog page, VOUS Church’s website aligns brilliantly with its messaging and core identity, a modern community centered around Jesus and the people.

4. Ready

screenshot of Ready's homepage

Less is more, they say. If you can concisely pack content that would normally exist on several webpages on to one minimal landing page, eliminating the unnecessary while highlighting your brand’s offer, uh, do so. Ready embraces “less is more” and gives its audience a sense of pleasantry and curiosity. This simplified web design aids in conversion and makes it easy for potential customers to find the information they need to know about Ready.

Through their smart use of a homepage with minimal copy, memorable imagery, and playful highlighting of essential information, Ready achieves what many competitors drop the ball on — marketable usability.

5. Wannabe

screenshot of wannabe's homepage

Here’s another beautifully cinematic website that visually merges Japanese cinema with 70s Italian cinema oh so tastefully.

Wannabe proves that designing a website is an art. And when done so with attention and taste, a small business can achieve new heights of success and consumer loyalty.

We also love Wannabe’s cheeky rejection of compromising their work for a responsive design by candidly displaying the message stating, “Please rotate your device” on mobile devices. Oh, baby, we designed this beauty. We’re so not compromising a thing.

6. Chiara Luzzana 

screenshot of Chiara Luzzana's homepage

Niccolò Miranda, the art director of Wannabe’s Japanese-Italian-inspired web design, brought the same levels of artistry and craft to Chiara Luzzana’s eloquent web design. Chiara Luzzana’s website is a high-quality, interactive user experience that lyrically intertwines the sonar and visual mediums.

This is a sublime rejection of normative web design principles. Typography and font are used as the core design elements to make up the layout and space, and vertical scrolling is swapped out for horizontal scrolling. Charming auditory additions subtly further the brand’s messaging, and fluid animations enhance the soundscape. No website builder, template, or plugin other than Webflow could allow for a team to achieve such astonishingly magnificent feats.

Do yourself a favor and check out their website.

7. Nura

screenshot of nuraphone's ecommerce website

The design team behind Nura created a website that cohesively communicates the tech company’s product, identity, and goals to their target market. The result? A brilliantly beautiful website that provides a niche, personalized sonar experience for visitors.

Animated graphics that make the complex simultaneously digestible and pleasing for their target market are another example of simplistic, yet tasteful design decisions for both Nura’s brand and online store.

8. Gatsby

screenshot of Gatsby's investing page

There’s something about Gatsby’s web design that sets it apart from its competitors by appealing to younger generations.

Salmon and coral hues contrast with white to suggest a taffy-like sweetness that appeals to the brand’s target market. Gatsby’s carefully crafted web design subconsciously invokes sentiments of play and pleasure while retaining their authority as experts in economics through their content, graphics, and copy.

Their implementations of UI transform something as mundane as investments and finance, defining and differentiating the brand from its competitors in the process.

9. Michael Kors Collection

screenshot of michael kors' collection page

The design team behind the Michael Kors Collection website captures the zeitgeist of springtime in New York City in a spellbinding way.

The website invites visitors into the mind of famed designer Michael Kors, drawing inspiration from director Haley Elizabeth Anderson’s portrait of him. The layout and sensual UI truly exemplify and embody his timeless Spring and Summer 2021 Collection. In Michael Kors’ own words, we are given “nature and rebirth through an urban lens.”

Let this serve as inspiration for your next blogger or high fashion client’s new website design.

10. YaYa

screenshot of YaYa's website

Looking for an example of ingenious storytelling through web design? YaYa is the example.

YaYa has made the complex subject of the digital transformation of mobile app and web development into something oh so pleasurable.

This is a prime example of how powerful UI can help define a brand’s identity. The distinct style of peachy colors and candied visuals juxtaposed with informative copy is memorable. The web design builds credibility and turns leads into new clientele.

11. Slite

screenshot of Slite's website

The copy and typography are the stars of Slite’s web design. Slite claims to “put clarity at the center of your team,” and their site’s crisp design and concise copy backs up that claim.

The intentional web design clearly demonstrates the clarity that customers can gain by using Slite.

12. The Goonies

screenshot of The Goonies website

What do you get when you have a stellar design team, a high-quality web builder platform, a Hollywood budget, and the nostalgia of the 1980s? Why, this gem of a digital time capsule created by the team behind The Goonies, of course.

This is more than a website — it is an experience. One that could only be built using a web builder such as Webflow because other web builders simply could not handle the leaps and bounds in design that this design team has taken (without the need of CSS or JavaScript).

Simply by the flick of a finger, we are transported into the immersive world and production behind this beloved classic movie. The power of the scroll is evident here — when done appropriately, it functions as the driving force behind a successful web design. 

Using the scroll to move the story along with the user’s gestures is genius and expertly executed. It invokes the spirit of the 1980s. Sweet innocence and hot afternoons spent in a movie theater during the summer of 1985. What time to be alive!

Do yourself a favor and check out this website, especially if you’re reading on a mobile device. And if you’re a child of the 80s, you’re welcome.


screenshot of Donuts website

We’re serving you up something hot and sweet with this next web design.

Brought to you by Will Robinson, the incredibly talented Toronto-based Webflow web designer, DONÜTS is a bold, pop art-inspired beaut. This single-page cloneable is cheeky and wonderfully gaudy, with a vivacious play on layout, transitions, typography, and visuals. Robinson uses the simplistic power of the scroll to take visitors along an illuminatingly informative journey through the website. DONÜTS holds up to its namesake, a true visual treat!

If you or your team is experiencing designer’s block with a client’s unique desires for their brand and a niche market, consider this web design as a sweet solution.

14. Digital China University

Digital China University website
Open in Webflow

Webflow’s capabilities are endless — we’ve seen this throughout our list — but the design team behind Xtudio’s Digital China University uses Webflow to take web design to the next level.

The aesthetic, UX, UI, and market value of this website is exceptional. Xtudio manages to transform graphic design from a brochure illustration into an engaging web design.

The design team behind Digital China University’s website shows web designers that any design is possible with the proper CMS and web builder — no need for code.

Oh, and yes, this too is a cloneable in Webflow. You’re welcome!

15. Monograph Communications

Monograph Communications website
Open in Webflow

We are topping off our design inspiration list with another cloneable Webflow design by the Vancouver-based designer Gary Colwell.

Colwell wonderfully captures the tonality and identity of the communications solutions brand Monograph Communications.

Colwell describes the design better than we can: “[It] features a contrast typography design with the sans-serif (Roboto) representing the corporate professional side of the business, and the serif (Zangezi designed by Daria Petrova) representing an appreciation for the history of the written word.”

Centering the site’s design around both type font and typography is a demonstration of his ingenuity, and it shows how situational and brand awareness can make a brand stand out by seemingly simple design. The Monograph Communications web design proves that intentionality is what makes good design.

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We hope these examples have sparked a few ideas for your upcoming design project. Check out our Webflow showcase for more design ideas and create your next web design today!

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