10 templates for your SaaS business

You’ve been working hard on building your SaaS business and now it’s finally time to share it with the world.

Problem is, you need to create an eye-catching online presence to drive awareness for your business, and you’re not sure how to get started. (We’ve all been there!)

We’ve collected a selection of SaaS website templates that are fully customizable inside Webflow Designer. With these templates, you can easily create a custom, user-friendly experience that’s guaranteed to highlight your brand.

1. Module

By Fouroom | Preview in Webflow

An image of the Module template.

Module consists of a series of landing and support pages which companies can use to promote new products and business launches.

With Module, you can change the entire color scheme with the click of a button, thanks to Global Swatches. Fouroom — the designer — has also included easily changeable buttons, headers, and paragraphs, making this template highly customizable to the needs of your business.

2. Emerald

By Nikolai Bain | Preview in Webflow

An image of the Emerald template.

Emerald is a Webflow template specifically geared toward SaaS companies and startups. With it, you can build a professional-looking marketing website for your app or digital product easily. With a modern interface, Emerald enables you to spin up a sleek and customizable Webflow website in no time. 

3. Quicksmart

By Medium Rare | Preview in Webflow

An image of the Quicksmart template.

Quicksmart is a fully equipped UI kit template that offers a variety of app and SaaS landing pages. Quicksmart expands far beyond the front page — there’s a robust suite of functional inner pages and interchangeable interface components, making choosing the Quicksmart template a no-brainer for businesses with a wide breadth of needs.

4. Wave

By Udesly | Preview in Webflow

An image of the Wave template.

Wave is a powerful UI kit for SaaS and digital goods. The Wave UI kit comes with 30+ unique pages, including multiple CMS collections and Ecommerce pages. The template is fully responsive, comes with animations and interactions to optimize usability, and it’s written with clean code.

5. Ninjax

By Djaya de Vries | Preview in Webflow

An image of the Ninjax template.

Ninjax is the ultimate Webflow template to kickstart your SaaS, marketing, landing page, or startup project. You can easily add logos, content, and color schemes, and the modern layout and premium design makes any website feel fresh.

6. Saasly

By BRIX Templates | Preview in Webflow

The Saasly template.

Saasly is a Webflow template designed specifically for startups and SaaS companies. It’s a one-stop-shop for a modern SaaS website, with features such as a unique and premium design, speed optimization, and seamless animations. 

7. TaaS

By Marion & Co | Preview in Webflow

An image of the TaaS template.

TaaS transforms a startup and SaaS marketing websites into something that’s bold, stylish, and eye-catching. This UI kit comes with 40+ unique pages including multiple CMS collections, smooth animations, Ecommerce pages, and a mega navigation bar.

8. Codeless

By Dorian Hoxha | Preview in Webflow

An image of the Codeless template.

Codeless is a simple, eye-catching template for startups and SaaS companies.

9. Tech

By BRIX Templates | Preview in Webflow

An image of the Tech template.

Tech is a premium Webflow UI kit for SaaS and tech startups, created to help Webflow users launch a great website for their tech startups. Tech enables you to customize the template and UI kit to create a website that meets any business need.

10. SaaSful

By Marion & Co | Preview in Webflow

An image of the SaaSful template.

SaaSful, is a vibrant and responsive SaaS website. It includes a UI kit with 50 unique pages, 8 CMS collections, multiple Ecommerce pages, and a mega-navigation menu.

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