10 featured Webflow projects: June 2021

We’ve collected 10 amazing projects and cloneables from the month of June for inspiration or for use in your own projects.

Not only did we see tons of great projects this month, but we also launched search functionality within the Webflow Showcase! Now you can easily search for other amazing assets that may fit your project needs.

While there were certainly more than 10 projects that deserve to be featured, we selected a few standouts from the past month. To check out all of the other amazing projects, be sure to browse the Webflow Showcase.

Let’s get started. 

An image of Rehan Kurshid's cloneable.

Minimal, clean, and pleasing to the eye —  this project by Rehan Khurshid is definitely one to check out. 

The project offers a landing page with CMS-based product pages. It’s also fully responsive and available for anyone to clone in the Webflow Showcase — making it a no-brainer for your next portfolio project.

An image of the Instant Green Nursery site.

Australia-based designer, Luca, takes plant categorization to the next level with easy-to-use filters on Instant Green Nursery’s website. The site also takes full advantage of Webflow CMS, interactions, and a Jetboost integration to create a perfect blend of earthy colors and smooth interactions. 

Whether you’re looking for design inspiration or planning your next landscaping project, Instant Green Nursery’s website is definitely worth checking out. 

An image of Relume's Moodboard Tool landing page.

Relume, a Sydney-based design agency, is back at it again with another awesome cloneable for the Webflow community.

The cloneable tool lets you create moodboards that you can share directly with your clients. Use this clean, succinct moodboard to help you determine the design angle for your next client project. 

An image of EunJeong Yoo's new portfolio website.

EunJeong Yoo is a talented, Seoul-based Webflow community member who creates illustrations “related to people, fashion, and her everyday surroundings.”

Recently, EunJeong updated her portfolio to better highlight her incredibly life-like illustrations. With this update, she altered the layout and the text placement to put her illustrations front and center, allowing her artwork to speak for itself. 

An image of the Geospace cloneable template.

Joao “JP” Paulots shares one of his previous projects as a free cloneable in the Webflow Showcase. This cloneable features a minimal article page design that does a great job of using Webflow interactions and animations.

If you’re looking for a new way to display CMS items or just need some design inspiration, play around with JP’s Geospace template. 

An image of the ARQ site. Here, we see an explanation of what ARQ is all about.

Annegail Moreland, a full-stack engineer based in New York, founded ARQ — a multidisciplinary collective focused on art, activism, and resources for the Queer community. 

Annegail makes great use of color, animations, and spacing to highlight all of the work that ARQ has been doing, the intention behind each project, and their upcoming events. We love seeing a project that has great design along with an incredible mission. 

An image of the Carousel Slider Collection cloneable by Tim Ricks.

If your project needs a custom slider, Timothy Ricks, has you covered. This Webflow project uses lightweight JavaScript to create fully customizable and responsive carousel slides

For a full walkthrough of this project, be sure to check out Timothy’s video

An image of the CloneComp website.

When you’re hosting the world’s largest Webflow hackathon, you need a great website to promote it and Finsweet’s CloneCamp site does not disappoint.

The website is the perfect blend of hover interactions, gradients, and grid layouts — a true example of the quality of work Finsweet puts into their projects.

An image of Indi Harris' personal website.

In June, designer Jordan Hughes created a cloneable one-page site for his partner and made it cloneable for the Webflow community to use for their own projects. 

Playful, yet restrained — this project is great for anyone starting out or needing to spin up a quick personal website. 

An image of the I Love Me Wellness website.

Artemiy Lebedev is a UX/UI designer and co-founder of California-based Bolden Ventures.

In June, Artemiy’s website for I Love Me Wellness — a women-created health and wellness company — received an Awwwards honorable mention. And it’s no wonder — everything from the colors to the smooth scrolling interactions make this site a delight to explore. 

The projects keep getting better 

There are so many amazing projects being published to the Webflow Showcase every single day. From full website templates to jaw-dropping redesigns, the showcase is a great resource  for anyone designing and building in Webflow.

For a chance to get featured in next month’s post, make sure to submit your projects to the showcase and tweet us a link with #MadeInWebflow.

Here’s to a creative July!

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