10 best freelance digital designers for hire in 2023

Every time you look at a screen, you’re looking at digital design that was likely made by a freelance digital designer. Digital design is everything from web design to emails to banner ads. Getting digital design right is important because users expect apps, games and websites to look and feel intuitive, easy-to-navigate and cohesive.

Working with a skilled freelance digital designer ensures that your project will end up like the vision you had in your head—or even better! To help you find the best freelance digital designers to hire in 2023, we compiled this list of the top digital designers on our platform. Take a look at what our top performers are doing in digital this year!

How to get the best digital design

You’re probably familiar with the concept of hiring a freelance designer. But what you might not realize is that there are a few different ways you can do this. One way to find the right digital designer for your project is to host a design contest.

Blue and green illustrated nature website for a brewery
A landing page is a type of design digital designers create. Design by DSKY

With a design contest, you write a brief that describes what you’re looking for. This brief lists the kind of project you’re working on, what you need it to do and any design details you have in mind, like a color palette or a certain kind of look and feel. Designers from around the world read your brief and submit design concepts based on the information you’ve provided. Then you choose finalists, give them feedback on their concepts and ultimately choose the one that you like best. If ideation help and seeing a variety of design styles is important to you, we recommend starting a design contest.

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But if you already have a pretty solid idea of what you want your finished project to look like, you can save yourself time by skipping the contest and hiring a digital designer who meshes with your style directly.

The 10 best freelance digital designers to hire in 2023

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How did we choose these as the top digital designers?

We know digital design is critical to get right because if you get it wrong, you lose a ton of clicks. Or you never get those clicks to begin with. No matter what kind of design you’ve got, poor digital design will cost you the users’ attention and ultimately, the conversion you were after. So when we made our list of the best digital designers to hire in 2023, we looked closely at these three things:

Orange, teal and white flat design icons for web analytics
Attractive digital design keeps people on your site or using your app. Icon design by Pinch Studio

1. Design quality

When a new designer joins 99designs, one of the design experts on our team goes through their portfolio and looks for the conceptual thought, technical execution and knowledge of design principles present in their work. From here, the expert assigns the designer one of three levels:

  • Top level
  • Mid level
  • Entry level

When you look at a designer’s portfolio page, you can see their level right under their name. This way, you can quickly see whether they’re a designer with a ton of experience or somebody who’s still up-and-coming.

2. Digital design experience

Digital design and graphic design aren’t the same thing. Digital design is a broad area that requires lot of experience designing for digital screens. Keep this in mind when you’re searching for a digital designer—someone who bills themselves as an illustrator or print designer might not have all the skills to deliver the project you’re after. Beyond looking at each designer’s overall quality, we looked specifically at their experience with digital design. Only designers who specialized in digital design made the cut.

3. Professionalism

Being a top level designer and having specialized experience in digital design kept designers in the running, but only those with one more quality made it into our top 10: professionalism. We looked closely at each designer’s track record with meeting deadlines, communicating with clients and overall, being easy and pleasant to work with because we wanted to make sure every digital designer in our top picks is a consummate professional.

Are you ready to hire a freelance digital designer?

Whether you need a set of graphics to make your app come alive or a digital banner that gets your website all the clicks, you need to work with an experienced digital designer who can deliver exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re not certain one of our top 10 can do just that, search our platform to find the designer who can.

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